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Back to the Bleu, Leesburg, VA! 9-25-21

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

We keep going back to Bleu Frog Winery because we like it!

A boy and his dog going to check out the grapes.

Take One & Two

We wanted to go for a hike somewhere near Leesburg, VA, before we took our picnic to the Bleu Frog. Normally we have had good look doing quick searches on our phones for places nearby to where we want to hike. We ended up in a park in Leesburg that wasn't quite what we wanted but took Boomer for a walk nonetheless.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We had a nice chat with Joe and Jan, owners of the Bleu Frog, as we always do when we visit. That's one nice thing you get when you go to a small place like this... personal interactions with the owners, which you won't get at the larger places. We like this winery because it's always super chill, has music, and has a nice overall vibe to it. Boomer likes it, too. :)

The Wrap

Loudoun County, VA has so much to offer in the way of wineries and nice parks! We just wish the darn White's Ferry in Poolsville would open back up already. It's so easy to take the ferry from Maryland to Virginia!! Oh well, driving up to Point of Rocks and accessing Route 15 towards Leesburg that way is always a pretty drive so we don't mind.

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