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Ball's Bluff Battlefield, Loudoun County, Virginia (and Bleu Frog Winery) 11-28-20

Updated: May 20, 2021

This is a reginal park in Loudoun County that you actually have to drive through a neighborhood to get to. Another good place to go if you like Civil War history.

Boomer and a "Boomer" puppy we met along the way!

Take One-Peter

This is a cool place to hike. The park sits up high above the Potomac River but you can easily get down to the shoreline by a quick hike. It's a small park and can easily be walked in an hour. (#ballsbluffvirginia #ballsbluffreginalpark #civilwarsitesinvirginia)

Take Two-Emily

What are the odds that we find another Greater Swiss Mountain puppy on one of our day trips?! It's a rare breed that you don't see very often. I liked hiking down to the water's edge for a nice view of the river although a lot of men during this battle lost their lives as they didn't know how to swim. During all of these Civil War hikes in various places we've been to, I always need to stop and say a silent prayer for all that died and be reverent in honor of them.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We stopped off at a place we randomly found called Bleu Frog Vineyards (#bleufrogvineyards #wineriesinvirginia #wineriesinloudouncounty) and loved it. The vineyard is owned by a former Navy SEAL Joe, and his lovely wife, Jan. They were super friendly and welcoming. It's newly opened and they've done a terrific job not only with their wines but with the overall vibe of the place. There are firepits everywhere and hand sanitizer bottles on each table so it's a perfect place to visit, even as the weather gets cooler!

The Wrap

This is a quick day trip near Leesburg that you can easily do in an afternoon. It's a nice place to go for a short hike and then head into Leesburg for something to eat or go to one of the many wineries or breweries nearby.

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