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C&O Canal, Potomac, MD (and Old Angler's Inn) 7-3-21

We Washingtonians are so lucky to have miles and miles of hiking trails along the nearby C&O Canal!

Take One-Peter

I've been to this stretch of the canal a lot and love it. Parking is across the street from Old Angler's Inn on MacArthur Boulevard. You walk from the parking lot to the Anglers Footbridge and access the canal. A lot of people go to this area to access the Billy Goat Trail. There's also a canoe/kayak ramp located here.

Take Two-Emily

I love going to the canal and walking. There are so many beautiful parts to it. We've been further up and walked on parts near Antietam and other areas, but the Potomac area (and Great Falls) are also really pretty. They are more crowded, of course, than the areas further out, but still a great place to go even if you only have an hour to get out and be outside.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Old Angler's Inn is directly across the street and a Washington institution! We love the old building and its history. Many years ago the owners created a Beer Garden in the back of the restaurant for those coming from activities on the canal. They have live music and burgers grilling on the weekends and shorts and hiking boots are welcome! The main patio in the front of the restaurant is for actual dining and one of the best romantic spots to go to at night as there are lights everywhere and it's magical! For colder months, the bar area is super quaint and the main dining area is upstairs. Prices are pretty high for their fine dining so this place is good for a special occasion.

The Wrap

There are many places to access and walk/run/hike/bike the C&O canal and we are so lucky here in Washington to have it nearby!

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