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Stickin' Around Rockville! (and Brooklyn’s Deli) 3-6-21

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

The song may say, "Don't go back to Rockville," but we say DO!

Overlooking Parklawn Cemetery.

Take One-Peter

Parklawn Cemetery was Emily's idea... not mine! But I'm glad we went. We were literally driving by the place and she asked if it would be ok to stop. My Mom and both of Emily's parents are buried at Parklawn Cemetery and it had been a while since either of us had been there to visit. I know it probably seems strange that we are smiling in the picture but it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being there, showing each other where our parents' final resting place was. Turns out that they are near each other. What are the odds of that!! (#parklawn #parklawncemetery)

We then went on to the Resale Store which is part of Habitat for Humanity. It's a great place to pick up old furniture, bath fixtures, wood doors, housewares, kid's stuff, etc. It's fun to roam through it and I go there frequently. After that we went to the MCHS (Montgomery County Humane Society) Thrift Store. This place is deceiving! What looks like one small room upfront is only a part of the store. If you head in back, there's a whole warehouse with tons of stuff to look through. (#humanesociety #montgomerycountyhumanesociety #montgomerycountyhumanesocietythriftstore)

Take Two-Emily

It was really freaky because you can literally throw a football (well... if you were Tom Brady!) from where my parents are, over to where Peter's Mom is. It was somehow incredibly comforting to know this and we had a chuckle that they would be "talking about us" after we left.

The MCHS thrift store is really great!! The people that work there have done an incredible job organizing it really well. There's a clothes section, housewares section (glass even organized by colors!), Christmas, books, toys, etc.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We stopped of at Brooklyn’s Deli, off of Seven Locks Road in Potomac. They have great sandwiches!

The Wrap

Sometimes it's nice to take an hour or two and explore places nearby where you live. Rockville and Kensington both are great for this with thrift and antique stores.

MCHS thrift store with glass arranged by colors.

MCHS thrift store housewares section.

What do we think?! "I think NOT," says Emily!

Peter looking for the discontinued Dr. Seuss books so he can sell 'um. No luck!!

Giving Boomer a hug before we head out for the day. The pillbox hat is a find from one of our Frederick County daytrips and it's now my "official" DC Day Trippers hat!

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