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Audrey Carroll Audubon Sanctuary, Mt. Airy, MD (Linganore Winery/Red Shedman Farm Brewery) 10-16-21

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

A pretty drive on back roads, Mt. Airy is a quick day trip. We stopped off at Wegman's on the way home!

This sanctuary must be incredible during peak foliage! We plan to go back in a few weeks.

One of the overlooks on the property.

The Wrap

It was a cloudy, somewhat rainy day so we decided to do a food shop at Wegman's in Germantown. Once we were closer to the store, we googled things around us and found this wildlife/sanctuary in Mt. Airy. It turned out to be a great choice. It was a really quiet and peaceful place. No dogs are allowed so that you can see/hear various birds and wildlife in the area. There were some beautiful views and the foliage should be at its peak in a couple more weeks. This property is well-cared for and the wide paths are mowed for easy walking. They are somewhat angled and not always flat, so make sure you have good walking shoes on.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Linganore Winery is nearby so we stopped off to check it out. Unfortunately when we got there it started raining hard and there wasn't that much indoor seating, so we couldn't try the wines. Also on-site was Red Shedman Brewery so we went inside there and did a sampling of some beers and ciders. We liked the pumpkin ale and a cranberry cider and were hoping to take some home with us, but they didn't have any of the tastings as To-Go items. Too bad!

We would like to come back when the weather is nicer so that we can have a picnic and enjoy the property. We ended up eating our picnic in the car since it was raining so hard! This is a larger venue (with both a winery and a brewery) so expect larger crowds and more noise. There was a wedding going as well the day we were there.

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