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Sky Meadows State Park (and Barrel Oak Winery & Taphouse) 10-31-21

Back to Sky Meadows for a different hike and different place afterwards.

A pretty steep hike up to the top but the views are well worth it.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We stopped off at Barrel Oak for a quick bite before heading home. The views were really pretty. There was a food truck for barbeque and someone was grilling hot dogs. We usually try and bring our own charcuterie with us as you never know what food is being offered at any given place. We didn't have food with us for this trip, so we ended up grabbing a hot dog. Note to self: always bring your own food and have it in the car in case you end up somewhere and don't like the food being offered!

Nice picnic tables are nestled here and it's a super dog-friendly place.

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