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Deep Creek Lake, Garrett County, Maryland 12-10-20

Updated: May 20, 2021

Ok, not quite a day trip, but an easy weekend one!

Take One-Peter

As an avid photographer, this place was incredible for photos. This park almost makes you feel like you're out west somewhere. The trails at the entrance to the falls are blanketed with pine needles and makes for a quiet walk. The trails are a bit steep as you go towards the falls. We were there in December and although it was mild, there was still snow and ice in places so be careful if you are hiking in the winter months. Boomer (Peter's Greater Swiss Mountain dog) was a trooper and made it up some very icy stairs at the bottom of the falls to the top where the park entrance is. A very cool place. We liked it so much, we went back the next day. (#swallowfallsstatepark #parksindeepcreeklake #garrettcountymd #deepcreeklake).

Take Two-Emily

This place is gorgeous! It reminded me of being in West Virginia somewhere. There were quite a few people hiking and we had to be careful to keep our distance. (Most folks don't wear masks when they're out hiking.) We drove through the camping area, which was nice, and want to come back when the weather is warmer. You can either do tent camping or there are some little cabins to rent, too. Deep Creek and Oakland have a special place in my heart as my great-grandparents lived in Oakland and as a child, I came to the area each summer. Not much has changed since then, which is really refreshing as well as nostalgic!!

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We rented a house in Deep Creek, and didn't venture out anywhere beyond outdoor hiking, due to the pandemic, but will come back another time when the weather is warmer and find some places to try!

The Wrap

This is not a day trip as it's too far but certainly a great weekend trip. If you're a skier, you will want to go during the winter months (you need a 4-wheel drive vehicle as Garrett County gets a lot of snow). If you like warm weather, the lake is a nice place to venture to for outdoor activities!

A funky, random sculpture on the way to the park!

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