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Emmitsburg, Frederick County, MD (and Catoctin Breeze Winery) 1-17-21

Updated: May 20, 2021

Peter and I are obsessed with driving on Route 15, north of Frederick. The country drive is relaxing and there are so many places in the area to venture to. (see our Covered Bridges and Gettysburg posts as you drive on Route 15 to get to them)

Take One-Peter

The Emmitsburg Antique Mall is a trip down memory lane! It was really fun to go explore this large, indoor mall with a lot of different booths selling things from old records to old magazines to juice glasses from the 70's to just about anything. I found a chip'n'dip server in the shape of a straw hat. I just had to have it!! (#emmitsburgmd #emmitsburgantiquemall #antiquemallsinmaryland).

Take Two-Emily

I love this antique mall. It is large enough to social distance (and masks are required as of 2-14-21) and has a ton of fun, random stuff to look at. I enjoy finding the old, glass refrigerator storage containers. There is one booth that sells cast iron pans (refurbished and seasoned old ones and also new ones) and it's a great place to pick up one at a reasonable price. Peter and I are big fans of cast iron. Everyone should have at least one!

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

On the way home from Emmitsburg, we stopped off at Catoctin Breeze Winery near the Catoctin Mountains. It was late in the afternoon and pretty cold out so we didn't stay that long but they had fire pits at each table so that helped a little. They didn't have tastings here so we randomly chose the Bolero's Blend. We tend to favor blends (sorry wine snobs... we like blends!!) and this one had a slight sweetness to it which made for a nice choice in the cold afternoon.

The Wrap

We would like to go back here when the weather is warmer! It's a small place but really pretty and quaint.

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