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Harper's Ferry, WV (and Harper’s Ferry Brewery) 10-31-20

Updated: May 20, 2021

Harper's Ferry is located in a beautiful area for great hiking. Afterwards, go explore the small town with cool, small business shops and restaurants.

Take One-Peter

I liked taking photos of the town itself, especially the old buildings. The trails are nice to walk but I really liked the town itself and the history behind it. We went into the town candy shop which features candies from various time periods which was cool. (#harpersferrywv #shopsinharpersferry #nationalparkswestvirginia)

Take Two-Emily

Harper's Ferry is a great place to go hiking so bring good walking shoes or hiking boots! We went here during Covid and saw buses circling from the main parking lot to downtown. We decided to hike down a trail from the parking lot to the main road (with walkways) and walked into town which is a couple of miles. After exploring the town, we decided to try the buses back to the parking lot. It actually was well executed and there was enough space between individual parties for social distancing. The park service has done a great job with the buses and there was only a 5-minute wait to board one. They literally go from the parking lot to downtown and back again so it's a fast and efficient service for those that don't want to walk into town.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

There are many places to go to eat, drink and be merry in the area. We came across Harper's Ferry Brewery because we saw it way up on a hill as we crossed from Virginia into West Virginia. (#harpersferrybrewery #breweriesnearharpersferrywv) The great thing about this place is the views!! It is way high up and overlooks the Potomac River. It's a gorgeous! There are fire pits and bands on the weekends and the brewery had a fun, party-type vibe. Food is available but we didn't eat anything here as we had our own charcuterie food.

The Wrap

Harper's Ferry has beautiful trails to hike so plan on walking a lot. You can easily hike and then explore the small town with shops, restaurants and coffee shops. If you feel like going someplace afterwards, there are a lot of breweries and wineries in the area.

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