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Middleburg, Virginia (and Greenhill Winery) 11-14-20

Updated: May 20, 2021

A drive out to Middleburg is a must! It is beautiful horse country and a wonderful country drive in and of itself.

Take One-Peter

Middleburg is a quaint place to go for the day. It's nice horse country and the drive out there is worth your time. The town can be walked quickly as it's not that big. (#loudouncountyvirginia #horsecountryvirginia #middleburgvirginia) .

Take Two-Emily

I love the country drive out to Middleburg. There is beautiful farmland to look at, horses eating grass, and just getting out of the city/suburbs makes you breathe easier! The little town itself is cute, although most of the shops are pretty expensive for us regular folks. There is a gift shop on Main Street (#thefunshopmiddleburg #giftshopmiddleburgvirginia) that is fun to go in and during the holidays, they have all sorts of seasonal stuff to pick up for gifts. I always pick up some kind of fox gift as Middleburg is known for fox hunting. After a walk around the town, go to one of the many nearby wineries to relax.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Love, love, love the Red Fox Inn and grabbing a meal there. (#redfoxinnmiddleburg #restaurantsinmiddleburgvirginia #romanticrestaurantsloudouncounty) Because of Covid, we do not eat indoors at all so we weren't able to go there on this day trip but we highly recommend this place once everything is back to normal again. Ask to sit by the stone fireplace in the winter months, if you can. We ended up going to Greenhill Winery outside of town. There was a wait to sit outside but since we were only a party of two, we eventually got seated at two Adirondack chairs and literally had a front row view of the beautiful hills that this winery sits on. In fact, the main photo of our website is from this view. Simply gorgeous!! As the sun went down it got cold sitting outside but with our ProSmart (#prosmart #prosmartheatedvests #heatedvestsonamazon) heated vests, we were good!

The Wrap

Heading out to Middleburg for the day should be (in Emily's opinion, at least!) on your DC Day Trippers bucket list! If you are coming from Maryland, take the White's Ferry, if it's running. (as of 2-14-21 they are closed, unfortunately, due to legal battles!!) The Ferry is a great way to go from Montgomery County, MD to Loudoun County, VA, and is a pretty drive and fun means of transportation.

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