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Jim Thorpe, PA 8-23-21

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Another weekend away, so not quite a day trip, but well worth the drive.

View from the open air train ride through Lehigh Gorge.

Brian, our train guide, knows a ton of facts about Jim Thorpe and the mining history of this town. He was really interesting to talk to.

Beth, owner of Everything Nice Gift Shop, on Race Street, has a cute shop with pretty much everything made in the U.S. and some made locally. She was super nice to talk to and gave us some restaurant recommendations.

Race Street with shops and B&Bs.

Peter relaxing on our balcony at Kelly Suites B&B. Ask to stay in the the Mountain Suite!

Take One & Two

We came to Jim Thorpe via New Jersey as Peter's oldest daughter got married there! We had found Jim Thorpe by searching online for a small town to go to for relaxation after the wedding. It was super cute and perfect to just chill for a couple of days. If you want to be more active, this town is located in the Pocono Mountains and there are plenty of outdoor activities to do there.

The town itself can be done in a day if you only want to stay one night. There are two main streets with shops and B&Bs on them: Race and Broadway. We stayed at Kelly Suites on Broadway and it was perfect. We had a little kitchenette with a small fridge, microwave, coffee maker and dishes. Caitlin, our hostess, was very attentive and helpful.

We came across a really interesting store called Mabacol a few doors down from Kelly Suites. Check it out! Maria, the owner and designer, has created some beautiful shoes, bags and jewelry that are very unique.

We toured the Old Jail Museum and if you like history, you should do this. Jim Thorpe has a coal mining history to it and a lot of poor, Irish immigrants worked the mines. The conditions they worked and lived in were horrific. It makes you appreciate the lives we all have compared to these people.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

There are plenty of restaurants to check out but beware... our full day at Jim Thorpe was on a Tuesday and this seems to be the day of rest for the restaurants, the coffee shop on Broadway and some of the other shops. We're not sure if this is due to Covid and not enough staffing or the norm for Jim Thorpe. There were not many places to choose from for Tuesday night's dinner. We opted to order a pizza from Antonio's and eat on our balcony. The pizza and crust were quite good.

The Wrap

Jim Thorpe is a great little getaway. It is pretty touristy, however, so if you can sneak away during the week (except for Tuesday!) you should do it, if it's the summertime. The gorge is incredibly beautiful with trees everywhere. The fall foliage, we've been told, is exquisite but October can be a crazy month with tourists wanting to come see the colors so if you go in the fall, for sure, go during the week!

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