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New Oxford, PA (and Brookmere Winery) 2-20-21

Updated: May 20, 2021

Near Gettysburg, this is a cool town to walk through.

An interesting church in town.

Emily trying on hats in Rebels Roost Emporium.

Superman greets us at Rebels Roost Emporium!

Take One- Peter

We went to Rebels Roost Antique Emporium, in between Gettysburg and New Oxford, which was fun to explore. (#antiquemallsneargettysburgpa #rebelsroost #rebelsroostgettysburg) A lot of random stuff to look through. I found a metal hook in the shape of a moose head which was cool. Emily found a Loony Tunes juice glass which she had to have. A fun place to take an hour or so to walk through.

Take Two-Emily

I love going through random places like this. It's fun to look at old stuff and find things you have no idea what they are! Beware, as of February 20, 2021, this place did not have a mask mandate. Or at least enforce one. One of the cashiers did not have a mask on and some of the patrons didn't either. We kept our distance but it was kind of frightening, given the situation.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

We were in search of Brookmere Winery in town and drove by to see what the situation was like before choosing to go inside. (#wineriesinnewoxfordpa #brookmerewinerypa #brookmerewineryneargettysburgpa) It's a nice place and large enough for social distancing. Alicia, whose parents own and run Brookmere, was a pleasure to talk with. She guided us through various wines to taste. We were all masked. We settled on the Menno White which was kind of sweet but refreshing. We didn't stay super long as a large group of adults and kids came in with no masks on. I guess there isn't a mask mandate in Pennsylvania!

The Wrap

New Oxford is down the road from Gettysburg and it's a fun little town to venture to. Once the pandemic is over, it will be nice to go into some of the shops. It's a quick drive up Route 15 North and we really like that part of Frederick County, MD.

Brookmere Winery in downtown New Oxford, PA.

A ton of wines to choose from and taste.

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