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Sugarloaf Mountain, Frederick County (and Sugarloaf Mountain Winery) 11-22-20

Updated: May 20, 2021

For those those wanting a very close place to hike, Sugarloaf Mountain is a great place to go and can be done in a few hours!

Take One-Peter

Since we weren't going super far, Boomer (my Greater Swiss Mountain dog) got to go with us. He loves to hike and is a fun conversation piece with people we meet along the trails. He's not a breed you see that often. Sugarloaf is a favorite for dog lovers so make sure you have yours on a leash and bring water for them. (#sugarloafmountain #dogfriendlyhikingparksinmaryland #hikingtrailsinfrederickcountymd) .

Take Two-Emily

Sugarloaf is a local favorite and easy to get to for those of us who live in nearby Montgomery County. You can go for a quick hike or take a longer one, if you want. There are beautiful views if you go high enough toward various summits on the mountain. During the Civil War, wounded and dying soldiers were hospitalized in a log cabin that still stands at the foot of the mountain.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Well, you can't leave the mountain without passing by Sugarloaf Mountain Winery! So of course we had to at least stop by! There was a food truck on-site and picnic tables to sit at. When we stop by a winery, we like sharing a flight of wines so we can taste numerous ones and decide what we like. If we like a specific one, we'll usually buy a bottle and take it home to drink. We have found that bringing a picnic lunch (always some kind of charcuterie nosh) is always a good idea on day trips as we never know if there will be food at whatever random place we go to.

The Wrap

A great day trip, especially if you don't have a lot of time since it's close by. It's easy to get to, right off of interstate 270.

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